Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We didn't make the trip to Alabama, as Anita and the kids came up here. We went out to lunch, and to Ted Drewes during the day, and ended the evening with steak and champagne on the deck, while the kids played Rock Band in the basement.

Sunday, we spent the day at Jefferson Barracks with Christopher's scout pack putting flags on the veterans' graves. They do not leave until every grave has a flag on it. There were thousands of scouts there, and it was hot and a lot of walking, but it was such a humbling experience, it wasn't even a thought to complain. During the ceremony, I noticed Christopher stand a little taller when the speaker compared their sacrafice of being at Jefferson Barracks, instead of poolside or home with their video games to the sacrafices all these veterans made. It was an experience I won't forget. It certainly put the weekend in perspective. You have to click on the last picture to realize the full impact.

We ended Saturday at Gary's brother's Mike's farm. I think I may have secured 275 lbs of happy, grass fed, no steroid beef. I am second in line - if someone else doesn't take it. What a beautiful farm he has. I was able to stand in a field with cows and goats all around me.

Today, Natalie is bowling and Christopher is down with fever - no Mike doesn't have any pigs on his farm, but, you know me, I am watching him closely . . . .


Pease Porridge said...

Oh, no. I hope Christopher feels better soon. We passed a small graveyard with flags on it today and I ws showing it to Nino. I will have to take him to JB soon though. That one is so huge it really makes an impact.

MyBlueHeaven said...

Oh Susan that picture of Christopher with all the flags is wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. I copied it and I hope it turns out okay because I want to enlarge it. I wonder if he was the one to put a flag on Captain Thomas Rosso's grave. That's Arlene's husband. It looked like he was alright for the barbecue. Hope he is.