Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Weekend, Another Hike

Sunday we hike about 5 miles at the S Bar F Boy Scout camping area. It is huge, with a beautiful lake. This is where the boys will camp independently once they are an actual boy scout. They are still 'cub' scouts. When going for their Eagle Scout, they are expected to spend the night in the woods all by themselves. The beautiful lake is decked out with canoes, floating docks, a huge water slide, and a big obstacle course thing going across the lake, including a zip slide. I guess it explains why there is a medical evacuation helicopter pad in the park as well. I wasn't sure if I felt comforted by seeing that or scared.

Christopher finally makes it to Build A Bear

When we went on a field trip to the Science Center, Christopher, afraid he was too old, and well, a boy, broke down and enjoyed a new Build A Bear stuffed animal - along with many of the other boys.